You can download an executable for your system: Linux (glibc) | Linux (musl) | MacOS | Windows | All

Alternatively you can install delta using a package manager: see

Note that the package is often called git-delta, but the executable installed is called delta. Here is a quick summary for selected package managers:

Arch Linux pacman -S git-delta
Cargo cargo install git-delta
Fedora dnf install git-delta
FreeBSD pkg install git-delta
Gentoo emerge dev-util/git-delta
Homebrew brew install git-delta
MacPorts port install git-delta
Nix nix-env -iA
OpenBSD pkg_add delta
openSUSE zypper install git-delta
Void Linux xbps-install -S delta
Windows (Chocolatey) choco install delta
Windows (Scoop) scoop install delta
Windows (Winget) winget install
Debian / Ubuntu dpkg -i file.deb
.deb files are on the releases page.
If you are using Ubuntu <= 19.10 or are mixing apt sources, please read #504.
conda conda install git-delta -c conda-forge
mamba install git-delta -c conda-forge

Users of older MacOS versions (e.g. 10.11 El Capitan) should install using Homebrew, Cargo, or MacPorts: the binaries on the release page will not work.

Behind the scenes, delta uses less for paging. It's important to have a reasonably recent version of less installed. On MacOS, install less from Homebrew. For Windows, see Using Delta on Windows.