• Language syntax highlighting with color themes
  • Within-line highlights based on a Levenshtein edit inference algorithm
  • Side-by-side view with line-wrapping
  • Line numbering
  • n and N keybindings to move between files in large diffs, and between diffs in log -p views (--navigate)
  • Improved merge conflict display
  • Improved git blame display (syntax highlighting; --hyperlinks formats commits as links to GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket etc)
  • Syntax-highlights grep output from rg, git grep, grep, etc
  • Support for Git's --color-moved feature.
  • Code can be copied directly from the diff (-/+ markers are removed by default).
  • diff-highlight and diff-so-fancy emulation modes
  • Commit hashes can be formatted as terminal hyperlinks to the GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket page (--hyperlinks). File paths can also be formatted as hyperlinks for opening in your OS.
  • Stylable box/line decorations to draw attention to commit, file and hunk header sections.
  • Git style strings (foreground color, background color, font attributes) are supported for >20 stylable elements
deltagitdiff-so-fancy /
language syntax highlighting
within-line insertion/deletion detection
multiple insertion/deletions detected per line
matching of unequal numbers of changed lines
independently stylable elements
line numbering
side-by-side view

In addition, delta handles traditional unified diff output.