minimal.el – minimalist visual appearance for Emacs

minimal.el adds a minor mode providing a minimalist visual appearance1 for Emacs.

Toggle the minor mode with M-x minimal-mode. By default, this gets rid of

The mode line is replaced by a thin separator line. The following variables are intended for user customizations:

(defvar minimal-zap-mode-line t
  "Should the mode line be turned into a thin separator line?")

(defvar minimal-zap-scroll-bar t
  "Should the scroll bars be removed?")

(defvar minimal-zap-menu-bar t
  "Should the menu bar be removed?")

(defvar minimal-zap-tool-bar t
  "Should the tool bar be removed?")

(defvar minimal-mode-line-background "red"
  "Background colour for active mode line face when minimal minor
  mode is active")

(defvar minimal-mode-line-inactive-background "grey"
  "Background colour for inactive mode line face when minimal
  minor mode is active")

(defvar minimal-mode-line-height 0.1
  "Height of mode line when minimal minor mode is active")

Please obtain minimal.el from the github repository.


1 The screenshot show emacs using Org-mode source code functionality running in fullscreen mode; the desktop is used for the Hubble telescope image backdrop only (no icons) via partial transparency; gnome under ubuntu 10.04.

Author: Dan Davison

Date: 2010-07-29 13:07:25 EDT

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